StartPoint Realty | Leominster Real Estate, Sterling Real Estate, Worcester Real Estate
StartPoint Realty was designed by Real Estate Professionals that already or want to work from their home office. Why should you be paying for expensive office space, conference rooms, franchise fees, E&O insurance, office personnel, transaction fees, and much more.... and then be told how to conduct your business and what to charge for your services? Why not, Make More...Keep More!

Build your own real estate business in your market area just the way you want. Keep more of what you earn. Earn income on recruiting agents. Build a Team and prosper.
It is up to you. It is your business.

If working together means more freedom in running your business your way and keeping more for yourself and family at the end of each year...then that is working smarter.

StartPoint’s 100% Plus Compensation Plan:

  • Agent: 80/20 split until annual cap of only $6,000 to StartPoint
  • Team: 80/20 split w/ $6,000 cap Team Leader $4,500 cap per Team Agent
  • Keep 100% after annual cap is achieved
  • No Up Front Fee. No Transaction Fee. No Hidden Costs. Zero Fees!
  • FREE Full Feature StartPoint Dotloop Transaction Platform
  • FREE StartPoint Showingtime Account
  • FREE StartPoint E&O Insurance
  • Team Leader & Team Support
  • Recruiting New Agents Bonus Annuity
  • Opcity Best of Industry Buyer & Seller Leads Available
  • Same Day Direct Deposit of Commissions Available
  • Earn More. Keep More. It's Your Money. It's Your Choice.
  • You Will Notice the Difference...Just Ask Any StartPoint Agent
  • It's Your Choice. It's Your Business.
  • Startpoint Income Estimator Online Tool
How's that for a start for working smarter?

THE VERY BEST COMPENSATION PLAN IN THE INDUSTRY. Realtors who join StartPoint Realty keep 100% of their income after they reach an annual cap of $6,000 paid from the 80/20 split to StartPoint Realty. The annual cap is usually reached in only 2-4 closings on a generous 80/20 split.

NO FEES. FREE Full Featured Showingtime & Dotloop accounts for each StartPoint agent with editable State & Company forms. There are no fees or hidden costs. No transaction fees. E&O Insurance is paid by StartPoint. No office, regional or national fees of any kind. No up front costs or monthly StartPoint fees. None. Zero.

A VIRTUAL DOTLOOP OFFICE TO KEEP AGENTS CONNECTED AND EFFICIENT. StartPoint agents success is the virtual Dotloop office that keeps us all connected and also with customers and clients with editable online forms and esignature by email. Truly paperless. The tools Startpoint provides helps you leverage your time, enhance the quality of service and communication with clients and keeps you on the leading edge with the right technology -- that works for you.

RECRUITING ANNUITY: Earn up to $1,500 (25% of their annual cap of $6,000 to Startpoint) for each new agent you personally recruit. You will receive this every year you and the recruit remain with Startpoint Realty. Recruit only 4 new agents and earn up to $6,000 a year, making it truly the only 100% compensation plan.